Cecchini Italia can satisfy all your design needs with high-quality finishes that suit a range of different furniture settings.

Cecchini Italia Headquarter
Cecchini Italia Working process

Cecchini: smart furniture.

A seed planted in fertile soil is bound to grow into a strong, thriving plant that flourishes, regenerates and adapts to the evolving world, season after season. Our company is like a budding branch, laden with fruits and new ideas.

Cecchini bedroom furniture: quick and flexible solutions, just like us. We’re a young company with a strong desire to grow. We never stop exploring new solutions, offering both standard production pieces and artisan, tailor-made products that are ready to tell your story.

Cecchini holding main warehouse

Cecchini – you’ll find only Made-in-Italy bedrooms here.

Italy is our homeland and where we have always designed, developed and made our products. Our furniture collections represent the pinnacle of Italian design, safeguarding a value that’s very dear to our hearts and one that continues to mature, day after day.

Cecchini: bedrooms that respect the environment. And people.
We make eco-friendly, health-conscious furniture. We pay attention to both our finished products, and to the production chain as a whole. We monitor and reduce internal resources and waste while overseeing all production phases. The result is a product line that complies with the highest quality standards.

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