Mediterranea Urban Collection

City buzz. Traffic lights at night. Opening the front door after a hard day’s work. ABOUT.URBAN DESIGN bedrooms are just what you are looking for: a continuum between the indoors and outdoors. It’s modern and welcoming but never boring. Square, clean-cut shapes and imposing designs. Just like you and your love of the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Apollo Urban

Apollo is all about softness and attention to detail. This particular collection comes with a number of optionals to help you define your personal style. Choose from a range of linear, clean-cut, ornate, matching, or almost-fusion handles. Individual features are emphasised by either a tone-on-tone or contrasting structure.

28 February 2019

APO 201

cecchini mediterranea apo202

27 February 2019

APO 202

Aura Urban

The Aura collection balances precise aesthetics with proportion. Its decisive, bold character can be transformed by any of the numerous design options on offer. Aesthetics, balanced shapes. Its precision makes it one of our most popular collections.

cecchini aura aur202

28 February 2019

AUR 202

cecchini aur201 composizione aura city

28 February 2019

AUR 201


The Ermes collection represents nature in full, colourful bloom. Its wave shape gives the overall collection a sense of continuity and a soft style that glides easily between clean cut-lines. The two-tone model – with its flat, ash, platinum finish and cement or stainless steel inserts – is truly spellbinding.

cecchini mediterranea erm115

11 March 2019

ERM 115

cecchini mediterranea erm201

11 March 2019

ERM 201

cecchini mediterranea erm202

11 March 2019

ERM 202

cecchini erm203 mediterranea

11 March 2019

ERM 203

cecchini mediterranea erm204

11 March 2019

ERM 204


Fly: our evergreen collection has been with us since 2012! With its two-tone, opaque, glossy and ash lacquer finishes, it’s always reinventing itself. Let your style guide you to your favourite look.

cecchini mediterranea basf317

11 March 2019

BASF 317

cecchini mediterranea fly201

11 March 2019

FLY 201

cecchini mediterranea basf316

11 March 2019

BASF 316

cecchini basf311

28 February 2019

BASF 311


Afrodísia is our most well-liked collection; it represents us and our history. Curvy and simple in design, it combines classic style with minimal aesthetics. The wardrobe is unusual, practical and versatile, with an elongated shape that features six drawers. Its retreating frame is an invitation to embrace pure levity.

cecchini mediterranea collezione afr201

27 February 2019

AFR 201

cecchini mediterranea afr119

27 February 2019

AFR 119


Our Demetra collection is a distinctive choice. Glass and mirror inserts adorn a soft yet clean-cut collection with precious details. Carrara marble has been digitally reproduced on tempered glass for true elegance and definition.

cecchini mediterranea dem201

11 March 2019

DEM 201


Martes is one of our classic collections. Its square, clean-cut shapes go hand-in-hand with a variety of customisable details, for an ornate, authentic look. Martes always gives its best, whether you opt for a textured wood or matt lacquer finish.

cecchini mar202 mediterranea

11 March 2019

MAR 202

cecchini mediterranea mar201

11 March 2019

MAR 201

cecchini mediterranea basm405

11 March 2019

BASM 405

cecchini mediterranea basm408

11 March 2019

BASM 408