Mediterranea Shiny Collection

The sun shines in through the window and a sparkling new dawn bathes your furniture in light. To choose ABOUT.SHINY DESIGN is to choose light. Soft shapes and fresh, natural colour tones reflect our homeland. Everything finds its light among this soft, rounded collection. Origin and infinity, where new stories come to life. Your stories.

New Desiree

New Desiree was originally created in 2006. Today, it’s reborn as a triumphant new collection with an impeccable, clean design that testifies to its perfect modernity. Its slender aesthetic stands out in full, innovative style.

cecchini des201 shiny new desiree

28 March 2019

DES 201

cecchini des202 shiny new desiree

28 March 2019

DES 202

cecchini des203 shiny new desiree

28 March 2019

DES 203

Aura Sw.

Aura Sw: where aesthetically balanced shapes reign supreme. Beautiful, authentic and loved – to the point of imitation – this collection features smooth, laminated MDF panels with a polyester base for maximum flatness. Each Swarovski crystal is applied by hand using natural glue.

cecchini aura shiny aur104

28 March 2019

AUR 104

cecchini aur102 aura

28 March 2019

AUR 102

cecchini aur101 aura

28 March 2019

AUR 101

cecchini aura aur103 shiny

28 March 2019

AUR 103


Atlante is a versatile giant with a unique, characteristic and stable style. Choose between an all-wood or decorative look, with an optional glass top that perfectly embodies both elegance and style. This particular bedroom collection is an adventure in style. The screen-printed silver mirror is delicate and decorative, and each individual element also comes in a Glitter Seventies version, which we’ve produced by applying a heated industrial process to wood and coloured lacquers, which are resistant to wear and tear.

cecchini shiny atl103

28 March 2019

ATL 103

cecchini shiny atlante atl201

28 March 2019

ATL 201

28 March 2019

ATL 109

cecchini shiny atl105

28 March 2019

ATL 105


Apollo is a precious collection boasting a style that’s at once round, clean-cut, linear and ornate. Each tone-on-tone and contrasting panel rests on a wooden, matte or glossy frame. The collection’s handles add to its unique aesthetic style, defining its essence.

cecchini shiny apollo apo107

28 March 2019

APO 107

cecchini shiny apollo apo203

28 March 2019

APO 203

cecchini shiny apollo apo204

28 March 2019

APO 204

cecchini shiny apollo apo205

28 March 2019

APO 205


Afrodísia is our most loved collection. Curvy and simple. Its unmistakable retreating panels give a lightness to this classic Cecchini collection. Classicism and minimalism come together to form a practical solution that never gets old.

cecchini shiny afr202

28 March 2019

AFR 202

cecchini shiny afr203

28 March 2019

AFR 203


Ermes is like a majestic wave, gliding between soft shapes and sharp contrasts. Natural oak gives this particular collection a decisive look with a consistent melamine base. The various colour tones generated during the production process help create an extraordinarily unique and robust effect.

cecchini ermes erm108

28 March 2019

ERM 108

cecchini ermes shiny erm114

28 March 2019

ERM 114

cecchini ermes erm110

28 March 2019

ERM 110

cecchini ermes erm204 shiny

28 March 2019

ERM 205


Gea is both bright and immediately recognisable. The collection’s hand-crafted flower decorations are a trip into pure pleasure. The set-up also features an optional silver or anthracite glitter effect on a white ash or hemp backdrop.

cecchini gea gea202

28 March 2019

GEA 202

cecchini shiny gea

28 March 2019

GEA 201