Cigiesse Collection

When we designed ABOUT.EASY DESIGN, we were looking to create a solid, beautiful and practical collection. Easy to buy, simple to assemble. Versatile and adaptable to any style. Its strong point? Ecological panels. The result? Impeccable, resistant and environmentally friendly aesthetics.


The Zazà collection is all about comfort at first sight. Versatile bedside tables with plenty of shelving, along with ergonomic, welcoming headboards. This collection has been designed for bedrooms where sleeping is just one option. Be it reading, studying, watching a film, working or having breakfast… live your life in maximum comfort.

cecchini italia cigiesse zaz101

25 February 2019

ZAZ 101

cecchini italia cigiesse zaz102

25 February 2019

ZAZ 102

cecchini italia cigiesse zaz105

25 February 2019

ZAZ 105

cecchini italia cigiesse zaz104

25 February 2019

ZAZ 104

cecchini italia cigiesse zaz103

25 February 2019

ZAZ 103


With its linear, clean-cut shapes, Mimì is perfect for people who love innovative functional design, but are also drawn to standout wall features above the bed, such as painting or mirrors. This collection is characterised by its functional, aesthetically pleasing bedside tables with clean-cut simplicity.

21 February 2019

MIM 107

checchini italia composizione cigiesse mim106

21 February 2019

MIM 106

checchini italia cigiesse composizione mim105

21 February 2019

MIM 105

cecchini mim103 cigiesse

21 February 2019

MIM 103

21 February 2019

MIM 102

checchini italia composizione cigiesse mim104

21 February 2019

MIM 104

mimi composizione mim101

14 February 2019

MIM 101


Cocò offers the perfect balance between relaxation and personality. In this bedroom – and in other spaces in your home – you’ll find just about everything you need: a dash of colour, perfect proportions, and a number of different fixtures to suit your own personal style. The handles featured in our Cocò collection are unique in design and really characterise the collection as a whole, giving personality and conviction to each individual element.

cecchini italia cigiesse coc104

21 February 2019

COC 104

cecchini italia cigiesse coc103

21 February 2019

COC 103

cecchini italia coc02

21 February 2019

COC 102

cecchini italia coc01

21 February 2019

COC 101

Bon Bon

Our Bon Bon collection is like a chocolate housed in an shiny wrapper, with a style that’s ready to make its mark. The bed dominates this collection, which is perfect for those looking to combine their sleeping and living areas. Bon Bon features a chest of drawers that waves goodbye to tradition, along with bedside tables that are incredibly lightweight and informal – ready to move from one environment to the next.

cecchini italia cigiesse bon01

21 February 2019

BON 101

cecchini italia cigiesse bon02

20 February 2019

BON 102